Connecting the Classroom (ShiftEd21 #7)

One of the things we found as we conducted research for Shift Ed is that it was relatively hard to find concrete examples of effective use of technology in classrooms (i.e., not just “This tool could be used for …,” but examples of the tools being used by teachers and students in an actual school). There are plenty out there, but if we want to see significant change in how technology can help transform education, it needs to be much easier to access them. So, we’re going to try to round up as many links to examples as we can find.

Edutopia, an initiative of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, is one good starting point for finding examples. The following video highlights the ways in which technology has been integrated into life at Harrison Central High School:

Here are some other examples from the Edutopia site – be sure to check out the Technology Integration section of the site for more:

Here are some other sites to check out for examples:

Is technology being integrated into schools in your community? Please comment and share examples.