Every Single Audience!

I do a lot of public speaking, particularly in the spring, as that is when many organizations hold conferences. The variety of audiences and professions is great: real estate, project management, technology, healthcare, housewares, speakers bureaus, CEO retreats, higher ed and K-12.

Given that Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education has just been published, I mention it in every speech and presentation. After every speech, regardless of the industry, people come up to me asking questions about “your education book.”  It made me realize that everyone is a parent, a grandparent or a citizen concerned about the future of the United States.

I was not prepared for this unanimity of response. It is clear that the need to transform K-12 education is a belief that lies right below the surface all across America. This is so good to know!

Those of you who have already read Jeff’s and my book know of our firm view that nothing less than transformation will work when it comes to K-12 education in the 21st century. If you haven’t read the book, you can read the full introduction here on this website to get an idea of our direction and commitment.

As a futurist, I am often asked whether I think America is going to remain a great country. There is a clear concern that perhaps our best days as a nation are behind us.

A part of my response is that, if we want to remain a great country, one of the first things we must do is transform education, from preschool to post-collegiate. The fundamental building block of education of course is K-12.

If you are an educator, time to stand up and call for transformation. There are millions of fellow Americans out there who agree with you and will join in this most noble effort.

As I write in every copy of Shift Ed that I sign: “Time to transform education!”

David Houle