Connecting the Classroom (ShiftEd21 #7)

One of the things we found as we conducted research for Shift Ed is that it was relatively hard to find concrete examples of effective use of technology in classrooms (i.e., not just “This tool could be used for …,” but examples of the tools being used by teachers and students in an actual school). There are plenty out there, but if we want to see significant change in how technology can help transform education, it needs to be much easier to access them. So, we’re going to try to round up as many links to examples as we can find. Read the rest of this entry »

Generations (ShiftEd 21 #6)

While we have highlighted only one major “starter” resource for the topic areas so far, the generations are such a complex area that we thought we’d suggest two:

1.     The Pew Internet & American Life Project provides continuing research into how the generations compare in their lives online.  Take a look at the Generations 2010 chart on the Pew site and consider whether it reflects your experience.  And be sure to click around and explore the other information the site offers about generations.

2.     Get the free download of Eric Greenberg’s Generation We, a book we reference in Shift Ed, and explore the other Millennial generation resources on the site.

How are differences among generations reflected in education in your community? Comment and share your perspectives. Here. also, is an introduction to the Millennials from the Generation We site:

The Future of Education (ShiftEd21 #5)

The Knowledge Foundation has put together a great site on Creating the Future of Learning that covers six “drivers of change” (all of which we touch on in one way or another in Shift Ed): Altered Body (Self) You can alter your mind and body in ways you never imagined. Will you still be you? [Read Full Post]

Education Across the Globe (ShiftEd21 #4)

As we think and act towards transforming education in the United States, it’s important to develop an understanding of education in other parts of the world. Our view is that we need to do this not simply with an eye towards how we can compete better, bit towards how we might think differently about education [Read Full Post]

Shift Ed 21# 3 – Where We May Be Going

Nobody knows with certainty what the future holds, but by contemplating the possibilities, we can be better prepared to shape a positive path. Ray Kurzweil, a respected inventor, author, and futurist, is well-known for his provocative vision of future in which humans and machines converge. In the brief video below, he discusses this vision and [Read Full Post]

Where We Are (ShiftEd21 #2)

In Shift Ed, we write about a number of ways in which the world has changed – and education hasn’t.  Naturally, we aren’t the only ones focused on this topic. Even as David was writing many of the posts that would form the basis for The Shift Age, educators Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod posted [Read Full Post]