The Shift Ed 21

We’re building out a list of 21 places to visit and things to do to help spark broad public discussion about transforming education. We encourage you to book mark this page and share it with friends, family, and colleagues. We’ll be updating the links on it over the coming weeks and hope to get your input on every item on the Shift Ed 21 list. Be sure to subscribe to the Shift Ed site by by RSS or e-mail to receive additions to this list as they come out.

The idea with each of these is to provide one or two resources to help introduce the topic and then encourage readers to comment and provide their perspectives and other resources. We also hope discussion about these items will cross over to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. We should add that we don’t necessarily agree with everything we post in the ShiftEd21, but we think all of the items here are worthy of some discussion. Here’s the list (any inactive links will be activated in the weeks following publication of the book):

  1. Gather Your Tools
  2. Where We Are
  3. Where We May Be Going
  4. Education Across the Globe
  5. The Future of Education
  6. Generations
  7. Connecting the Classroom
  8. What We Know Works
  9. Rethinking the Calendar
  10. The Brain and Learning
  11. Outside the Box
  12. Integrating with the Community
  13. Cultivating Creativity
  14. Inspiring Collaboration
  15. Games to Change the World
  16. Thinking Critically
  17. Open Education
  18. Shape Shifters in Action
  19. Finding Your Voice
  20. Making Change
  21. Continuing to Learn