Stop Stealing Dreams – Seth Godin’s Take on Education

I’m thrilled to see someone like Seth Godin take up the topic of transforming education and obviously put quite a lot of thought and effort into writing about. This, for me, is a sign that public attention and debate is spreading – and certainly, with Seth in the fray, will spread even more further and more quickly. As David and I suggest in Shift Ed, real transformation is unlikely to happen until the debate becomes much, much broader and begins to generate more and louder voices from other than the usual suspects.

I encourage you to download the free Stop Stealing Dreams – What Is School For? I have not had a chance to fully read and digest it yet, but just glancing through, Seth hits on many of the themes that we cover in Shift Ed. It will, without a doubt, be an interesting read. Please share any thoughts it provokes for you in the comments are below.