Gather Your Tools (ShiftEd21: #1)

Photo of a tool belt full of toolsThe only way to transform education is by making sure as many people as possible are aware, listening, and involved.  Fortunately, we all now have access to tools that can help us communicate more easily than ever with people across town, across the country, and across the world. These, by the way, are some of the types of tools our kids will have to master and use effectively as part of their education and lifelong learning. So, understanding how they work is part of creating transformation.

If you already have an account on Facebook or Twitter, start using these tools as a way to highlight examples of schools, teachers, and communities that are moving education forward. Share links to positive news and stories.  Wherever possible, use the tag “whatifschools” or “#whatifschools.”

If you aren’t yet a user of tools like Facebook and Twitter, set up an account on one or both of them today. It’s free, only takes a few minutes, and puts you into a community of hundreds of millions of other people.  To get up to speed on how to use them, check out these great, brief videos from Commoncraft and WeTeachFacebook:

There are plenty of other great resources out there on the Web to help you with using these tools. And be sure to run a search on “whatifschools” to find others who have joined the movement to transform education.

Comment below to share your Twitter handle, Facebook info, or details about other places where you are sharing thoughts about transforming education.

David & Jeff

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