Rethinking the Calendar (ShiftEd21: #9)

While research about the real impact of year-round schooling – and potentially adding days to the calendar – is still somewhat limited and often contradictory, the idea has gained a lot of momentum over the past several years. Notably, President Obama is among its vocal advocates. In Shift Ed, we argue in favor of year-round schooling, but with the caveat that some of the other changes we favor – especially tighter integration of schools into communities – are critical for it achieve the desired results.

The following video highlights some of the major points in the debate over rear-round schooling, and covers one of the major arguments in its favor – that it can help prevent learning loss, particularly in students from low income families.

If you are interested in a more in-depth discussion of the topic, covering pros and cons, we recommend Who Benefits from Summer Vacation?, an audio interview on the North Carolina Public Radio show The State of Things.

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