Not Your Forefather’s Economy – Sir Ken Robinson on EdTech Live

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk on creativity in education has been viewed millions of time, and he has recently come out with a significantly revised version of his bestseller Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative. In a recent episode of the EdTech Live podcast, Steve Hargadon interviews Sir Ken about the book as well as his broader perspectives on learning and education. Here’s one quote – among many – that jumped out at me:

The economic circumstances we are currently facing are completely different from those that trained the original design of our current education systems. (@29:25 in the recording)

Amen. We argue along similar lines in Shift Ed (and like Sir Ken, are hardly among the first to do so). Sir Ken then goes on to lay out a brief philosophy of education. The substance of the interview runs around 40 minutes (starting about 5 minutes into the recording) before audience questions, and is well worth the time it takes.